Navigating the World of Social Entrepreneurship: A Comprehensive Portal Guide

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, social entrepreneurship stands as a beacon for positive change. Combining business acumen with societal impact, social entrepreneurs worldwide are addressing some of the most pressing challenges of our time. Whether you are an established change-maker, a budding entrepreneur, or someone intrigued by the concept, the digital sphere offers a treasure trove of information. To simplify your journey, here’s a distilled list of paramount portals dedicated to illuminating the world of social entrepreneurship:

Social entrepreneurship Portals

  1. Ashoka: Ashoka is one of the largest networks of social entrepreneurs worldwide. Their website provides information about various social entrepreneurs and their projects, as well as resources and opportunities for aspiring changemakers.
  2. Skoll Foundation: The Skoll Foundation supports social entrepreneurs and aims to create a sustainable world. Their website offers insights into various social entrepreneurship initiatives and hosts the annual Skoll World Forum.
  3. Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship: The Schwab Foundation is part of the World Economic Forum and focuses on advancing social entrepreneurship globally. Their website highlights social entrepreneurs and their innovative approaches to solving pressing issues.
  4. Acumen: Acumen is a nonprofit venture fund that supports entrepreneurs tackling poverty and social challenges. Their website shares stories of impact and provides resources for aspiring social entrepreneurs.
  5. Stanford Social Innovation Review: SSIR is a renowned publication that covers topics related to social innovation, entrepreneurship, and nonprofit management. It offers articles, research, and insights into the field of social entrepreneurship.
  6. Echoing Green: Echoing Green identifies and supports emerging social entrepreneurs worldwide. Their website showcases inspiring stories and provides resources for those interested in the field.
  7. The Guardian – Social Enterprise section: The Guardian newspaper features a dedicated section to social enterprises. It covers news, articles, and interviews related to social entrepreneurship and its impact on communities.
  8. Social Entrepreneurship Network: The Social Entrepreneurship Network is an online community that connects social entrepreneurs, researchers, and stakeholders. It offers valuable resources, news, and events related to social entrepreneurship.
  9. Social Enterprise Alliance: The Social Enterprise Alliance is the leading membership organization for social enterprises in the United States. Their website provides information, resources, and a directory of social enterprises.
  10. Impact Hub: Impact Hub is a global network of social innovation centers. Their website connects social entrepreneurs, hosts events, and provides resources for building sustainable solutions.
  11. Unreasonable Group: Unreasonable Group supports entrepreneurs tackling global challenges. Their website offers programs, resources, and connections for social entrepreneurs.
  12. Global Social Entrepreneurship Network (GSEN): GSEN is a network that supports organizations providing direct support to social entrepreneurs. Their website offers a directory of member organizations and resources for social entrepreneurs.
  13. Social Enterprise Mark: Social Enterprise Mark provides accreditation for social enterprises in the UK. Their website offers insights into certified social enterprises and their positive impacts.
  14. Social Traders: Social Traders is an Australian organization that connects social enterprises with corporate and government buyers. Their website features stories of social enterprises and resources for business development.
  15. B Corporation: B Corp is a global movement of businesses committed to social and environmental impact. Their website offers information about B Corp certification and a directory of certified B Corps.
  16. Pioneers Post: Pioneers Post is a social enterprise and impact news platform. Their website covers stories and insights into the world of social entrepreneurship and impact-driven businesses.
  17. Social Enterprise UK: Social Enterprise UK is the national membership body for social enterprises in the UK. Their website provides news, resources, and advocacy for social enterprises.
  18. Social Enterprise Alliance Canada: Social Enterprise Alliance Canada supports social enterprises in Canada. Their website offers resources, events, and a directory of Canadian social enterprises.
  19. The Centre for Social Innovation: The Centre for Social Innovation is a coworking space and community for social entrepreneurs. Their website provides resources and connections for those working on social innovation.
  20. is a network that connects event organizers and accelerators focused on social impact. Their website provides a directory of events and resources for impact-focused gatherings.
  21. European Social Entrepreneurship and Innovative Studies Institute (ESEISI): ESEISI is an institute that conducts research and provides education on social entrepreneurship in the European context. Their website offers insights into social entrepreneurship initiatives and studies.
  22. Euclid Network: Euclid Network is a European network for civil society leaders, including social entrepreneurs. Their website provides resources, events, and opportunities for social entrepreneurs across Europe.
  23. Social Entrepreneurship Network Germany: The Social Entrepreneurship Network Germany supports social entrepreneurs and organizations working for societal change. Their website offers information about social entrepreneurship in Germany and Europe.
  24. Social Innovation Europe: Social Innovation Europe is a platform that promotes social innovation across Europe. Their website provides insights, case studies, and events related to social entrepreneurship and innovation.
  25. SE Forum – Social Entrepreneurship Forum: SE Forum is a Swedish-based organization that supports social entrepreneurs across Europe. Their website offers resources and opportunities for social entrepreneurs.
  26. The European Social Enterprise Law Association (ESELA): ESELA focuses on the legal aspects of social enterprises in Europe. Their website provides legal resources and information for social entrepreneurs and policymakers.
  27. Social Impact Award (SIA): Social Impact Award is a European-wide program supporting social entrepreneurship among young people. Their website showcases projects and provides information about the award program.
  28. Social Value International: Social Value International is a global network that includes European members. Their website offers resources and standards for measuring and managing social value.
  29. The Social Innovation Tournament: The Social Innovation Tournament is an initiative of the European Investment Bank Institute that supports social entrepreneurs across Europe. Their website provides information about the annual tournament and its winners.
  30. Social Impact Agenda for Europe: The Social Impact Agenda for Europe is a coalition advocating for a more supportive ecosystem for social enterprises in the EU. Their website provides insights into their work and resources for social entrepreneurs.

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